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Do you think it's cowardly to avoid the things that give you anxiety? I feel like I coward when I don't face my fears even when they cause my worst panic attacks.


  • It is not cowardly to take care of yourself.
  • It is not cowardly to want to avoid things that make you upset.
  • It is not cowardly to not confront your anxiety.

Testing your limits and boundaries is good! It can help you grow and mature as a person! But you have the right to stay away from things that trigger you and don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.



That’s why I’m so harsh, because I’m so sensitive.
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my mom always throws old clothes that she has nothing to do with in my closet, and whenever i call her out on it, she says “i have never done that, all of the clothes in your closet are yours”


are you sure mom


are you sure these are my clothes


Life is a God’s gift. Show him how much you like it living it in the fullest possible way.

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